Dakki - Senkaiden Houshin Engi
No one asked for it on TAFL, still I haven't done it myself. You wanna know why? It already belongs to me of course, no one would ask for something that already belongs to someone else. ♥ In actuality, it's because I still don't consider myself good enough to give it a try, and since I want it to be perfect I'm taking my time on this.

Eureka - Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven
I got this one after a long and furious battle against the Dragon at the end of the Dungeon in the Magical Forest guarded by an ancient Wizard of Ice. Of course, that's just the novelized version: in actuality I asked for it on the TAFL and got it right away. But I'm pretty sure you liked the novelized version better.

Games - The World ends with you
This game is the reason I own a Nintendo DS. You thought I used it to play Cooking Mama, didn't you.

KaminaXYoko - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
I'm putting this here just for the records, with the effort the current owner is putting into it and the wonderful work she's doing I'm pretty sure she will not leave this one in adoption anytime soon.

Games - Kingdom Hearts I&II
This is the reason I still own my PS2 after 10 years from its launch. You thought I used it to play Guitar Hero, didn't you. Also, didn't I write this before? I have a dejavu.

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